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Rental Car in Croatia

Witness the Beauty of Romanian Buildings With a Rental Car in Pula

Do you wish to see the most preserved Romanian amphitheaters in Europe? Well, plan your holiday now and look for a Rental Car in Pula. You also need to find a rental car as you plan your vacation in Pula. By driving your car, you can have full access to Pula’s beautiful tourist destinations. This gives tourists all the freedom and the opportunity to explore the city without any problems. If you want to see beautiful places and attractions in Croatia, you shouldn’t miss a trip to Pula.

Why must I get a Rental Car in Pula?

In Pula, you’ll find out what the city can take from a Rental Car in Pula. With comfort, it is necessary to quickly access most areas and shops. Half your day with city buses and trains you don’t have to schedule to get you to those areas.

Rental Car in Pula 2

Located close to the base of the peninsula of Istria, Pula’s population is just over 62,000, making it Istria’s largest city. Its most famous attraction, the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, is one of Croatia’s most famous attractions.

During the later period of the Roman Empire, Pula was an important provincial center and its legacy of public buildings from that time is one of Europe’s most remarkable.

Naturally, the star is the Arena. It is the only Roman amphitheater in the world built between 27 BC-68 AD with a full circle wall and that one of Croatia’s architectural treasures. It was designed to hold 20,000 spectators and is still used as an outdoor cinema today as well as hosting events as varied as ice hockey, food markets and concerts by Tom Jones.

If you wish to visit significant places and spots in Pula, you should consider having a Rental Car in Pula to access these places.

"Pula was an important provincial center and its legacy of public buildings."

Rental Car in Pula 4

What are the benefits of having a Rental Car in Pula?

Are you wondering about a convenient and hassle-free vacation in Pula? Well, you should explore the city in a rental car.

At 52 km away from Pula, you can drive into Porec. It is not quite a big place but it exhibits a richness in history and culture. Here, you should not miss visiting the Romanic and Gothic houses.

About 12 km away to the South of Pula is the Cape Kamenjak. It is one of the most interesting nature parks not only in Pula but in entire Croatia. Here, you can do various activities like biking, trekking, hiking, and sightseeing. This park is primarily situated in the peninsula of Premantura.

250 km away from Pula or approximately 3 hours of travel, you can also visit the Plitvice Lakes. This place is definitely a must-visit destination. You can do a variety of activities here.

These are some of the great places you shouldn’t fail to visit around Pula. If you want to go on a beautiful vacation in Pula, rather than using public transportation, enjoy the place with a rental car. Renting a car is far more convenient than driving public vehicles.

A rental car offers fast access to Pula’s hotels, shops, and malls. It’s easy to drive a Rental Car in Pula. Shops and restaurants, including places to visit on your bucket list, can be easily identified along the way. It is also possible to visit numerous restaurants, cafes, and parks. Though, you need to contact your rental agency and spend another insurance premium if you want to see Croatia more from a distance.

What are the benefits of getting a Rental Car in Pula?

It is recommended that you visit places with a rental car when you arrive in Pula for the first time. Every minute you need to make a wonderful vacation even more unforgettable. If you want to try different destinations, you can use a car to see multiple options and views. You can sit back and enjoy nature’s view while on the scenic drive. When you plan your trip to Pula, it is important for you to decide where to go or what tourist sites you want to see. 

Rental Car in Pula 5

One of the rental car’s advantages is that you can drive across the country’s borders. Inevitably, you will discover breathtaking views and locations when driving your car.

You can also broaden your horizons to see destinations you would like to see while driving your own car. You may fulfill your timetable, but you may also be able to raise your list if you choose to drive a car as a mode of transportation. If you can go beyond the mark and follow other routes, you don’t need to hang up to one position or area.

You don’t have to think of others, particularly when traveling in Croatia alone. For command facilities such as radio and air conditioning, you can use a Rental Car in Pula. You don’t have to drive on trains or buses with open windows.

You’ll determine which places you want to visit by renting a car and doing what you want on the road trip. You can eat the food you want, see the views of the city, and use the toilet in a convenient way. In nearby restaurants or gas stations, you can take a break and use the toilet. It’s really a sustainable situation if you think about your needs and wants.

"You can also broaden your horizons to see destinations you would like to see while driving your own car."

Rental Car in Pula 3

Are you wondering about booking a Rental Car in Pula?

Looking for an unforgettable holiday in Pula? The most productive way to explore the city was also revealed.

While dealing with public cars in terms of parking is more beneficial, it is definitely worth trying to have a rental car for easier access to shops, malls and tourist spots in Pula.

Most tourist destinations can not be reached by a single public transport trip, and it can take you at high rates.

But by dealing with low-cost car rentals, you can use your time wisely. Wherever you want, you can go.

To experience all the benefits of a rental car contract, it is wisest to have your International Driving Permit. A simple form with your valid driver’s license should be given to your state. International Driving Permit allows a person to drive legally in over 100 countries. Without this license, you will face severe fines and legal issues while driving in Pula. If you’re looking for a pleasurable and soothing vacation in Pula, it’s recommended to rent a car.


What are you going to do? Book your rental car before you leave for your holiday in Pula! Have a wonderful trip with your Rental Car in Pula.

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