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Bring your International Driving Permit in Europe to Achieve a Hassle-Free Rent a Car

Are you planning to rent a car for your vacation in Europe? Well, to start with, you importantly need to have with you a valid International Driving Permit in Europe. By means of driving a car, you can freely explore the wonders of Europe. You can visit whatever place you wish to see and open new opportunities to see more of what a place can give.

As you plan your international trip, you mostly think about what places you wish to visit, what things you need to buy, food to eat, and culture to find out. If your trip mostly includes driving, it is best to check out for cheap car rental to fully enjoy your stay in a foreign country. But, before we proceed to rent a car, you have first to know the importance of an international driving permit.

Now, laws are being modified. If you wish to drive or rent a car, you vitally need to present an International Driving Permit in Europe. Generally, two forms should must stay close to you, the driving permit, and the state-issued driver’s license. Lack of these forms of identification might bring you significant penalties not only to you but with the car rental company as well. That’s why most rental car deals today acquire this permit to avoid these situations from happening.

Why should you bring an International Driving Permit in Europe?

This driving permit is known as a universal driving permit that allows an individual to drive a certain vehicle in more than 100 countries without needing further applications and tests. This driving permit interprets your driver’s license issued to your country. It is usually shown to foreign countries official to check your driver’s license easily. 

You should bring an International Driving Permit in Europe. This permit usually appears in a booklet form wherein the front portion states your home country. To obtain your IDP, you need to find out where you can get in at your residing country. Check and trust official IDP channels in your country and don’t be fooled by scams that offer costly IDP.

If it is your first time to travel across Europe or love going in different countries and you prefer using a rental car for your convenience, you need to ensure that you have an International Driving Permit along with your driver’s license issued to your home country.

"The permit is also acceptable in 186 countries, which starts from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe."

International Driving Permi in Europe 2

How to secure an International Driving Permit?

If you’re planning to deal with the rent a car for your Europe trip, the first and most important thing you need to bring a valid International Driving Permit in Europe and your driver’s license as well. To get this form of universal permit, you must be 18 years of age and bearing an acceptable and at least six months valid after the issuance of the universal permit. This form generally lasts for a year only starting on the day it was issued.

Don’t be confused about the international driving license. Some people mislead using this term referring to International Driving Permit. You can encounter this paper online, but in the real world, it’s a worthless document. 

If you’re planning to rent a car for your European trip, it is important to bring a valid International Driving Permit in Europe. To obtain this permit, you need to research where you can get it at your residing country.

For instance, Americans can get their IDP in American Automobile Association. Canadian Residents can secure IDP in Canadian Automobile Association. British people can acquire it at their nearest post office or they can check the post office website. In Australia, IDP can be only process in the Royal Automobile of Club of Victoria or in any constituent part of Australian Automobile Association. All countries have a designated place where you can process your IDP. You have to bear in mind that is extremely important to have an International Driving Permit in Europe, especially when you wish to drive a car as a mode of transportation.

In getting this driving permit, you need to fill out necessary application forms. You can also try printing it from their websites. Together with your application, you also need to secure two updated passport size photos. These photos should be authentic, and they must not be printed or scanned. Put your signature at the back of your pictures. Also, you need to include a clear copy of your driver’s license. The price of IDP vary in each country. In America, they usually pay $20, in Australia it costs $42 and so on. You can visit the designated IDP center at your place for further instructions.

Aside from using the International Driving Permit in Europe, this permit is also acceptable in 186 countries, which starts from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Some of these countries don’t require your state-issued driver’s license but prefer looking for your international driving permit instead. 

If you’re planning to travel in Europe and decide to find rental car deals, you’re in the right way once you have with you an International Driving Permit in Europe.

What are the benefits of having an International Driving Permit in Europe?

Nothing is more comfortable traveling a rental car without hassle from traffic authorities. As a wise traveler, it is your responsibility to secure this universal form of driving permit to avoid uncertain situations on your trip. Here are the benefits you can get by obtaining this sort of driving permit;

International Driving Permi in Europe 1
  1. Avoid penalties and fines.

If you’re not a resident in a specific country, you essentially need this driving permit to legally drive a car or other form of a vehicle not only in Europe but to other countries as well. If a traffic enforcer checked you and did not show this permit, expect heavy fines and penalties.

  1. It is the easiest way to communicate with local authorities. 

This benefit is highly useful for countries that don’t primarily use the English language. A valid and authentic International Driving Permit Europe comes with ten languages, which are English, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish. Through this variety of languages, local authorities can smoothly interact with you.

  1. It is one of the important requirements of major car hire agencies.

If your thinking about renting a car for your European trip, you have to understand that you strictly need to bring International Driving Permit in Europe. Once you have this driving permit, you can legally rent a car. If they don’t require this permit, the name of the car rental company might be in compromise and fines and penalties might arise. However, there are some car rental services that don’t check IDP, but if the police officers check out that you don’t bear IDP, it will cause you a big problem.

  1. It gives you peace of mind.

If you pursue driving without this driving permit, you have to accept the possibility of fines and penalties. Once this situation happens, you can be stressful and can’t enjoy your entire trip. But, if you bear an Internal Driving Permit Europe, you can drive with peace of mind, especially when you know that you’re following the law effectively.

You have to keep in mind that this driving permit lasts for a year, it is best to note its expiration date. As of now, there is no process for renewal or extending the availability of the International Driver Permit. If your permit expires, you need to take a new application, the same as what you have done before.

Remember, don’t deal with the processing of your driving permit on unofficial people. Scams spread out over the internet, offering fast processing for a significant amount of money. Fake driving permits can lead to legal issues, and it might cause a problem between you and to other countries. Don’t trust easily with this kind of paperwork, be vigilant.

"If you’re planning to rent a car for your European trip, it is important to bring a valid International Driving Permit in Europe."

International Driving Permi in Europe 3


Aside from having an International Driving Permit in Europe with you, it is also important to take considerations with the local and driving laws of a certain country. You also need to research a glimpse of its culture. Your country’s culture is different from Europe’s culture

If you wish to know a bit of information about the country’s culture and laws, you can do your quick research or ask the car hire services you are engaging in. Upon your arrival to the said country, it is also recommended to be more observant while on roads.

You need to note different traffic moves and how people interact on the streets. As you travel, you can distinguish the necessary rules and avoid the possibility of accidents and traffic violations. As a start of your Europe escapade, you must start following what is required and one of these protocols is to bring an International Driving Permit in Europe.

Are you planning to spend a holiday in Europe? Well, plan it well now. If you wish to make your European trip the best, it is highly recommended to check cheap car rental services in Europe before arriving the country  instead of dealing with public vehicles, which can take significant time waiting for the bus or train. Make your vacation a blast and hassle-free. Remember to have with you the International Driving Permit in Europe, and be ready to explore the beauty of Europe.


Do you already have your international driving permit? Well, if not yet, get now and enjoy the privilege of driving in many foreign countries.

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